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Gaining a Handicap

There used to be two types of handicaps available to juniors, a CONGU (Competition) handicap and a CONGU (Club) Handicap. From 2018 players can have a CONGU (Competition) handicap up to 54 and the concept of a CONGU (Club) handicap will cease to exist. Note that CONGU = The Council of National Golf Unions.  A CONGU (Competition) handicap is recognised by all Golfing Unions and Associations throughout the world as indicative of the standard of play of the player. A CONGU (Competition) handicap allows you to play in all competitions, including those at other clubs, although many competitions will have a handicap restriction.

Members with a CONGU (Competition) Handicap of 36 or under can play in all junior competitions at Craigmillar Park. Those with a handicap of 37 or above can play in 9 hole Stablefords, all knockout competitions and fun competitions.

How do I get a handicap?
To receive an initial handicap, “a player must submit any permutation of 9 and 18-hole cards, totalling a minimum of 54 holes, played at the player's Home Club over a ‘measured course”. However, we suggest you submit at least one card over 18 holes so we can assess if you are ready to play in 18 hole competitions.
  • Each card must be marked and signed by a responsible person acceptable to the Junior Committee – if you are not sure, just ask
  • The requisite cards should normally be submitted within a period of six months
  • The score must be the first round of the day (if you are playing more than one round on a day)
What do I do with my card?
  • Before starting your round, please complete an entry in the Supplementary Score book, which is held in the Professional's Shop.
  • Record the date, your name and that of your marker.  Indicate whether you are playing over 18 holes or 9 holes (no changing your mind half way round!) and which tees you are playing off (red, yellow or white).
  • On completion you must return your fully completed and signed scorecard to the box marked ‘Juniors’ below the monitor in the Casual Bar, or hand into the Pro Shop or a member of the Junior Committee.
Please make sure you card has your name, date and which tees you have played off written at the top and that it is signed by both you and your marker.  Also mark ‘For Handicap’ at the top
please email the junior committee to let us know you have completed a card cpjuniorgolf@gmail.com.  This will ensure it is processed as quickly as possible
Which tees should I play off?
Girls would normally play off the red tees and we suggest that boys play off the red tees to start with, until they get more experience.  However, junior boys currently play off the white tees in medals, so we will need to make sure you are ready to do this before you play in a competition.

How is my handicap decided?
  • Once you have returned the required number of cards, you will be informed if you are ready to be allocated a handicap and what it is
  • A handicap is assessed against what is called the Standard Scratch Score (SSS) for the course/ tees you are playing off
  • A handicap is allocated using a standard CONGU calculation and after full consideration of your previous playing history
When will I be able to play in a competition?
Once you have gained your handicap you will need to play a few holes with the Junior Captain or a member of Junior Committee, so we can make sure that you know some basic golf rules and etiquette, and you are ready to play in a competition.  Make sure you have a copy of the Rules of Golf and keep this in your golf bag at all times, so you can check up on a rule if you need to.  There are copies in both locker rooms.

Click on this link to download a Quick Guide to the Rules of Golf www.randa.org/~/media/Files/QuickGuide/RAQUICKGUIDE.ashx

For more information on handicaps please refer to the ‘Information’ section of the Members website, under ‘Juniors Section’. http://www.craigmillarpark.co.uk/juniors_section

If you have any questions, or need help with marking a card, please contact the Junior Convenor or member of the junior Committee.  We will be happy to help you.

Best of luck – and enjoy yourselves!

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