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Saturday 20 May 2017

Today's medal

It rained and it rained some more today in the 1st championship qualifying medal. But that didn't stop some of our juniors posting fabulous scores.

Conor O'Toole posted a remarkable 65 (nett 62), reducing his handicap to 1.8.

Mark McKay, who hasn't played a lot of golf over the winter and has only really resumed playing in the last 2 weeks after recovering from a broken wrist, scored an amazing nett 50 and now has a CONGU handicap of  25.7 rather than his previous Club Handicap of 37!

Well done Conor and Mark and well done all 13 of you for braving the conditions - not a call-off or NR in sight! Craigmillar Park juniors are made of tough stuff!

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